The Most Discouraging Year yet

Hey guys! I’m back! I totally went MIA for a bit, but don’t worry I have lots to share! Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? 🤔 I don’t even know when my last post was, so I’m starting fresh. It’s only April and I have plenty to share 🙄 So it dawned on me today that I started blogging about my relentless dating life 3 years ago… and I’m sad to report that literally nothing has changed. It actually might be worse.

I was at a game night with some friends last night and we were playing “What the meme.” If you’ve never played, it’s hilarious. Anyways, I picked up a card that was the most relatable thing I’ve seen in a while and it kind of made me sad to be honest, after I literally laughed out loud at it first. It said “when your little sister’s boyfriend just took her to Paris, meanwhile Craig from the bar texts you “Yo, you still up?” 😅 This sums up my dating life to the absolute fucking T. I legit don’t get it; I’ve been blocked/ghosted for legit no fucking idea why, told that having my shit together was intimidating (by an older guy mind you), another one told me he wasn’t “emotionally available” whatever the fuck that means, and 3 came back from the past, all in the past 4 months 🙄 Okay so we’ve got a lot of material to cover here, bare with me.

So we’re going to start with a guy I’ve literally been talking to since November, you’d think that would be enough time to know whether or not you like someone…I guess not. So I just saw him for the first time in 2 months this past week…why do I put up with this shit? Our dates have been great, our second date we went to Disney on Ice, his idea! He’s always a gentleman, we have a great time together, but for some reason he doesn’t know if he’s “as emotionally available as he thought he was” 🙄 I made it clear that I wasn’t looking for a FWB thing and he’s aware and says he isn’t either. I told him that maybe we should go our separate ways if that’s what he’s looking for…yet he finds something to talk to me about every day still…the last time I went to his house he wouldn’t let me park in his driveway, he owns his own place and has plenty of room…that was strike one…like who the fuck are you trying to hide from that you have someone over? Strike two happened when I saw him out at a bar and he didn’t even acknowledge me, I had to go up to him and start a conversation…he asked me if I was with guys after I just introduced him to two of my girl friends…he was texting me while in the same bar, but wouldn’t come talk to me…he later told me that he was socially awkward, but he had no problem playing corn hole with strangers and flirting with girls that looked like they just walked out of a Trolls movie? 🤔 p.s. my friends think I’m way out of your league dude, you should be so lucky 💁🏼‍♀️

So there was this guy that I hung out with for a couple of weeks but he was way too much too soon. I saw him 3 days in a row and ended up getting the flu and he was upset when I said I couldn’t see him a 4th day…😳 alright stage fiver, I don’t even hangout with my cat that many consecutive days in row. He shared some personal stuff with me, pretty much that he was on a leave of absence from work for a “mental health scare” and he was seeing someone and getting help. Before I sound like a bitch, we’ve all been there in some shape or form and I’m not bashing him for it. That’s a lot to walk into when you’ve only known someone for 2 weeks, he also told me he was divorced, again a lot to take in. I still continued to hangout with him until he told me that he felt like I wasn’t being “transparent with him,” what the actual fuck dude? Like I’m sorry I’ve never been married or have anything traumatic to share with you after knowing you for 3 weeks? So then he tells me that I have my shit together and he doesn’t and that’s intimidating 😅 Well then, having your shit together and goals is no longer attractive? Duly noted. I don’t think I had enough haha time in a day to give to this guy anyways #boybye

Now we’re on to the guy that I went on two dates with and started planning our future together, but then blocked me from everything for absolutely no fucking reason. The guy literally invited me to go camping and hiking with him this summer on our first date…by date two he was talking about meeting my dad 😐 We had dinner and a couple of drinks, I met him for breakfast the next morning and then literally saw I was blocked from everything 🤷🏼‍♀️ No fucking idea what happened, maybe he was married? Gay? He’s clearly a pussy if he can’t be an adult and tell someone he’s not interested after planning their future together…maybe he’s embarrassed 😅

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I’ve had three guys from my past reach out to me! One was a booth call at 2:41 am, classy right? I didn’t even respond. One has a gf so I’m confused as to why he reached out, oh right he wants to be friends because I’m “dope as shit” and he would “take me on an adventure to my house/bed, if he didn’t have a gf.” I’m literally still laughing at this as I’m typing it…I wish I could make this shit up 😂 and lastly was good old 23 year old for those of you that have read my previous blogs…he’s not 23 anymore lol he’s got to be like 25 now…goes to show how long ago that was. He wanted to “grab a drink and catch up” because he was an asshole to me before and wanted to explain what he was going through…needless to say I told him he was a piece of shit and he had a year and a half to apologize to me and say what he needed to say…why now?! Are you out of options dude? I’m good! Thank you, next.

That has been the past 4 months in a nut shell. I need a drink just thinking about it 😅 Let’s pray that 28 brings some better luck! For now, I’m taking a break from the online dating world and focusing on me, it’s been a month and a half so far and I haven’t been happier! Like Justin Beiber would say, “baby go and love yourself.” 😘